Our Services

Our professionals identify key project drivers (regulatory, real estate transfer, third party concerns, etc.) before developing a clean-up strategy to ensure that "best-fit" solutions are offered. ExoTech currently provides the following services for our clients:

What We Do:

· In-Situ Chemical Oxidation/Reduction (ISCO)/(ISCR)
· Aerobic/Anaerobic Bioremediation
· Surfactant-Oxidant Applications for NAPL removal
· In-Situ/Ex-Situ Soil Blending Applications
· Excavation, Transport and Disposal Service
· Treatability Testing in our in-house laboratory
· Combined ISCO/Bio "Treatment Train" approaches
· Permeable Reactive Barrier Design and Installation
· Source Area Treatments for remediation system optimization
· Development of conceptual remedial strategies
· Identification of data gaps/source area characterization
· Chemical Sales

Other value-added services including data logging, geochemical parameter collection, fate-and-transport modeling, and regulatory negotiations to expedite closure.


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